Every August, our summer season comes to a close with an outstanding showcase performance of the teen acting conservatory.   The past 2 weeks have been invigorating, challenging, exhausting, inspiring, motivating and it all culminates in one night of theatre magic.


  1. Friday, August 13 at 7pm
  2. Little Theatre at Harbor High (300 La Fonda Ave. in Santa Cruz)
  3. Tickets $10 (available at the door)

Running Time:  Each play runs 60 minutes.

** Lysistrata employs the use of air horns and is most enjoyed by ages 13+ (PG 13) because of strong language and adult situations and sexual innuendo.

On stage at the Broadway Playhouse

What do you get when you put 11 playwrights and 13 actors in a room for 5 days and ask them to consider a hero’s journey as inspiration?…you get an awesome original script with 9 protaganist 15 quick changes and a lot of laughter played out on stage.


  1. Created by Aaron Deutsch, Rose Paten, Scarlet Herr, Morgan Baker, Elise Garza, Ily Goulton, Jacob Deutsch, Molly Craft, Jonah Paten, Rose Shapiro and William Hobbs
  2. Performed by the same plus Helen Wilson and Gloria Panttaja
  3. With guest artists Deb Bell (playwriting) & Gannon Pillsbury (props & set)
  • Saturday, August 13 at 4:30pm; and
  • Sunday, August 14 at 11am
  • Tickets: $6 each;  available at the door
  • at the Broadway Playhouse