Page to Stage: Spark

Page to Stage is a Pre-Professional  training program where literature is brought to life in a meaningful way through in-depth study of narrative, dialogue, character, plot, circumstance, and social relevance. Each semester focuses on a different book and results in a staged performance of the story. Page to Stage extends the learning beyond the rehearsal room – writing, reading and acting homework will be assigned throughout the rehearsal process.

Class consideration  – This class is by Director invitation and recommended for advanced WEST students including those who have participated in our summer conservatories or those with a demonstrated commitment to the craft of acting and who enjoy experiential and project-based learning. Students will experience a variety of theatre methodologies and techniques throughout the curriculum and should be prepared with an open mind and a sincere desire to study the craft of acting.  

Limited Availability –  The number of spaces available in the class is determined by the material selection and returning students have priority. Typically only one or two spaces open each year. There is an active wait list.

Commitment – Students who accept a position in the Page To Stage program commit to a full academic year (October – mid May) and must be available for all rehearsals and performances. This class must take priority over other extra-curricular activities. This is a commitment to excellence.

2018/2019 Season : Fall – SPARK  and Spring : TBA

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  1. Prerequisite: Director’s Invitation Only
  1. Grades: 6-9
  2. Time: 3:45-6:15pm plus production schedules below
  3. Class Dates: October 2-May 14, 2019 (No class Nov. 20, Dec. 25, Jan. 1 & 22, April 2)
  4. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  5. Cost: $ $170 per month payable over 9 months 
  6. (There is a $5 per month processing fee for all monthly payments. Please note the tuition cost is based on total program hours, not weekly classes)

SPARK Tech & Show Dates: 

  • Tech & Dress: Tuesday, January 15 from 3:30-8:30pm, Wednesday, Jan. 15 & Thursday Jan. 16 from 6:00-8:30pm
  • Hold this Date: Friday, Jan. 17 from 6-8:30pm 
  • Performances: Saturday, January 19 at 3pm & 7pm and Sunday, January 20 at 7pm

SPRING Tech & Show Dates:

      • Tech & Dress: Monday, May 6, Wednesday, May 8 & Thursday, May 9 from 6:00-8:30pm
      • Performances: Friday, May 10 at 7pm, Saturday, May 11 at 3pm & 7pm and Sunday, January 19 at 7pm


Pan is three days away from the most important exam of her life, and her friends, Jude and Farren, are counting on her to up her Game. No more distractions. No more mistakes. Together they’re to compete in a dangerous virtual reality that pits them against a mysterious enemy and ultimately determines their rank in the community. Life in Sanctuary is too precarious not to be taken seriously. But Pan’s uncertainty and innate curiosity send them on a different course altogether. After encountering two young strangers who bring an inconceivable possibility to her community, Pan begins to question all she knows. Is Sanctuary the safe haven she has always believed it to be, or a prison built on fear? Inspired by the Greek myths of Prometheus and Pandora, Spark ponders the possibility of a world without fire and suggests that, no matter how hard we try to trap our worst fears in a box, it is impossible to stand in the way of young imaginations driven toward curiosity and hope.

Spark feels most concerned with the danger of living in a state of fear, as well as the universal, heroic quest for truth and triumph of hope.”

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