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About WEST

Our Mission

The mission of WEST Performing Arts is to provide youth and families a creative outlet and training ground that cultivates the imaginative process.

What We Do

We provide educational experiences in literature, performing, expressive and creative arts through classes and productions. We give young artists and audiences the invaluable knowledge that their imaginations have had a positive and profound impact on their world.

All of our classes, training programs and productions are process-driven, believing that the creative journey is what matters. Using integrated art forms as our tools, we build confidence, communication and community.

We believe in the power of education and the importance of literacy.

Our Core Values

Creativity & Innovation

We celebrate and inspire creativity, encouraging out-of-the box thinking and new perspectives.

Empowerment & Leadership

We empower our students and artists to boldly take risks, realizing that active learning acknowledges “failure” as a keystone to success.

Collaboration & Mentorship

We value the exchange of ideas and expertise with our creative team, our students and our program partners. Leading and learning by example, we take care to develop opportunity to share our knowledge with next generation artists, educators and leaders.


We act in the best interest of our students and creative team members, demonstrating integrity, honesty, grit and resiliency.


We strive to maintain a playful, dynamic and harmonious atmosphere where students feel safe to explore and share their unique perspective in the creative process.


From classes to productions, we give our very best effort and embody excellence in all that we do. The creative process can be messy and chaotic. It is better to give your best than strive for perfection. When everyone gives their very best, it is perfect.