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About WEST

Our Mission

West Creative Performing Arts’s mission is to develop Innovation, Leadership, and Creativity through performing arts exposure, experience, and education.

Our Values

Through mindful practices and decision making, we cultivate trust and credibility, build audiences, provide positive impacts on children, remain sustainable and relevant, and help shape a creative and cohesive community.

Creativity & Innovation-  We celebrate and inspire creativity, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and new perspectives.

Empowerment – We empower our students and artists to boldly take risks, realizing that active learning acknowledges “failure” as a keystone to success.

Collaboration & Mentorship – We value exchanging ideas and expertise with our creative team, our students, and our program partners. Leading and learning by example, we take care to develop an opportunity to share our knowledge with next-generation artists, educators, and leaders.

Integrity – We act in our students’ best interest and creative team members, demonstrating integrity, honesty, grit, and resiliency.

Fun- We strive to maintain a playful, dynamic, and harmonious atmosphere where students feel safe exploring and sharing their unique perspectives in the creative process.

Excellence – From classes to productions, we give our very best effort and embody excellence in all that we do. Excellence means acting in our students’ best interest as creative team members by demonstrating integrity, honesty, grit, and resiliency in our work.

Commitment o Equity, Inclusion & Diversity – The cornerstone of Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity is a diversity of perspective, culture, experience, and background. West Creative Performing Arts cultivates g a safe and inclusive environment where all students, staff, and patrons thrive in the common pursuit of creative community-building.

We view diversity, inclusion, and equity as connected to our mission and critical to ensuring our staff’s well-being and the arts communities we serve. A diverse, inclusive, and equitable classroom and workplace is where all students, employees, and volunteers, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, are valued and respected. 

We are committed to ongoing education and professional development for our staff to understand, advocate, and support deeper thinking about how systemic inequities impact our organization’s work and how best to address that invariably with our mission. 

As agents of change, we address inequities on an institutional level and embrace our responsibility to mitigate real and perceived barriers to participation. 

We are engaged in exploring active dialogue with the social systems, histories, and power flows that our diverse community negotiates in daily lived experience. 

We endeavor to improve the cultural leadership pipeline by creating and supporting programs and policies that foster leadership that reflects American society’s diversity. 

Reaching out and engaging with all parts of our community leads to a fuller understanding of the culture, history, and humanity. Through mindful practices in this regard, we develop trust and credibility, build audiences, provide positive impacts on children, remain sustainable and relevant, and help shape a creative and cohesive community.