Actors Studio: Spider’s Web

Actors Studio  Although the Actors Studio welcomes all interested students, the actors should expect to delve into the creative process fully on the first rehearsal. A top notch program, the Actors Studio encourages co-authoring of the story throughout the process, development of strong theatre skills and the pride of excellence that comes from working hard as an ensemble.  Actors should expect to work on the play 1-2 hours per week outside of class time on line memorization and play research as necessary.

Spider’s Web

A darkly comedic mystery thriller by Agatha Christie

Clarissa, wife of a diplomat, is adept at spinning tales of adventure but when a murder takes place in her drawing room she finds live drama much harder to cope with. Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband arrives with an important politician, she enlists the help of her guests. Hilarity ensues when they are interrupted by the arrival of wry detective, Inspector Lord.

A conscious parody of the detective thriller, Christie delivers a unique blend of suspense and humor. There is tension and laughter in equal parts in an intricate plot of murder, police, drug addicts, invisible ink, hidden doorways and secret drawers.
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  1. Grades: 7-12
  2. Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  3. Class Dates: Wednesdays, September 20 – December 6 (No class Nov. 22)
  4. Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, December 7 from 6:00-9pm
  5. Performance Dates: Friday, December 8th at 7:30pm & Sunday, December 10 at 4pm
  6. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  7. Cost: $ 420 One-Time payment or $ 110/month in 4 payments
  8. ($5/month processing fee on monthly payments)