Centerstage!: Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Centerstage!: Get ready to learn about Acting! Bridging the skill sets needed in Stories on Stage and PlayLab classes, the new Centerstage! class ignites a young actor’s imagination, reinforces ensemble building skills and lays the foundation to discovering how to act as a co-creator on a theatre project. Using the selected story as a platform, actors will bring text alive and gain a deeper insight on the discipline and challenges of live performance. Here’s your chance to be an amazing character in the show of your dreams.

There was a bit of an error made in the construction of Wayside School. Instead of making thirty classrooms side by side, it was built one classroom on top of another, thirty stories high…except for the 19th floor which seems to have been forgotten. Strange encounters and skewed adventures challenge the students: Mrs. Gorf – the meanest teacher in the history of Wayside School, Ms. Jewls’ possessed blackboard, pigtails that talk, ghosts in the mashed potatoes, and the ethereal Miss Zarves who may or may not reside on the mysterious missing 19th floor.

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  1. Grades: 2-5
  2. Class Dates: Fridays, November 17th – February 23rd (No class on Nov. 24th, Dec. 29th, Jan. 5th)
  3. Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
  4. Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, February 24th from 12:30pm – 2:30pm at the Broadway Playhouse
  5. Performances: Saturday, February 24th at 3 PM and Sunday, February 25th at 10 AM at the Broadway Playhouse
  6. Class Location: Garfield Park Community Church (shows at Broadway Playhouse)
  7. Cost: $300 One-Time payment or $105/month in 3 payments ($5/month processing fee on monthly payments) 

Please note that our classes & rehearsals will take place at the WEST studio at the Garfield Park Community Church, and our dress rehearsal and performances will take place at the Broadway Playhouse.