Stories On Stage: Bunnicula

Stories On Stage introduces students to the sequence of a play/story, vocal and physical control, and story creation incorporating music and movement. Students explore the vocabulary and fundamentals of theatre and performance. Each student is encouraged to express themselves with inspiration from popular children’s stories and authors. The theatrical experience is enhanced by the creation of scenery, costumes, props, masks, and more.

Bunnicula – A Rabbit Tale of Mystery

This immensely popular children’s story, told from the point of view of a dog named Harold, starts when his human, Toby, accidentally sits on a baby rabbit wrapped in a bundle on his seat.  Chester, the keenly observant family cat, decides there is something weird about this rabbit. Pointy fangs, the appearance of a cape, black-and-white coloring, nocturnal habits … it sure seemed like he was a vampire bunny. When the family finds a white tomato in the kitchen, sucked dry and colorless, well … Chester becomes distraught.  Trying to make his fears known, he is completely misunderstood, and the results are truly hilarious.  Any child who has ever let his or her imagination run a little wild will love this funny, fast-paced “rabbit-tale of mystery”.

Enroll Now

  1. Grades: 1-3
  2. Class Dates: Wednesdays, September 19 – December 6 ( No class November 22)
  3. Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, December 9  from 12:30-2pm
  4. Time: 3:30-4:45pm
  5. Performances: Saturday, December 9 at 2:30pm & Sunday, December 10 at 1pm
  6. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  7. Cost: $300  One-Time payment or $105/month in 3 payments
  8. ($5/month processing fee on monthly payments) 

Please note the SOS times have shifted to a slightly shorter rehearsal time over an extended time period for the 2017/2018 season.