Comedy Improv

SCAN0006GOT FUNNY? Good! This class encourages all things made up, outlandish and silly. The class will focus on short form theatre games and scene work in the style of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Be creative…think on the spot…see the world in a completely unique way. Spontaneous play and ensemble work drive this course. The Santa Cruz community is rife with Improv troupes – and this is where they get their start!

The following classes are Open Level – Beginning and experienced improvisers are welcome to attend. We will have two sessions throughout the summer. Enroll for one, or both!

  1. Grades: 3 – 12
  2. Session 1 Dates: June 26 – 30; Monday-Friday
  3. Time: 1pm-4pm
  4. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  5. Cost: $225 per session

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  1. Session 2 Dates: July 10-14; Monday-Friday
  2. Time: 1pm- 4pm
  3. Location:Broadway Playhouse
  4. Cost: $225 per session

Classes are divide Grade 3-6 & 6-12.

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