Hogwarts Magical Kitchen

Join Madame Rosemerta, Winkie & the WEST Creative Team in our first ever magical cooking class. Each day we prepare a small feast worthy of Hogwarts’ Great Hall.  Together, we explore different recipes inspired by the Wizarding World! Make delicious Butterbeer, Skiving Snackboxes, Chocolate Frogs, and much more!  This class is limited to six (6) participants.

  1. GradEnroll Nowes: 2-6
  2. Class Dates: June 26 – 30, Monday-Friday
  3. Time: 1pm – 4pm
  4. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  5. Cost: $275

Note: If you are enrolled in Hogwarts Magical Kitchen AND Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, you are required to sign up for supervised lunch if your child is staying o the WEST campus during the break between classes.

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