PlayLab: Return of the Jedi

PlayLabs are artistic experiments working with original or adapted stories. Together we re-imagine literature. Students explore story lines, characters, dialogue, and character movements to foster a deeper understanding of each theatrical element and the role it plays in a performance. Students are allowed the freedom of artistic expression and play an active role in the creative process. PlayLabs are enhanced by sets, lights, costumes and all the theatre magic we can create.

Return of the Jedi

The Galactic Empire, under the direction of the ruthless Emperor, is constructing a second Death Star in order to crush the Rebel Alliance once and for all. Luke Skywalker, a newly trained Jedi apprentice, must rescue his friend Han Solo from the nefarious Jabba the Hut, alongside Princess Leia, Chewbacca the Wookie, and droids C-3PO, R2D2. Luke must use his training and rely on the loyalty of his friends in order to defeat the Emperor and try to bring Darth Vader, who is actually his father Anakin Skywalker, back from the Dark Side.

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  1. Grades: 4-8
  2. Time: 9am – 12pm
  3. Class Dates: July 3 – July 14 (no class July 4) Monday – Friday (CLASS FULL)
  4. Performance Dates EWOK CAST: Saturday, July 15 @ 2pm & Sunday, July 16 @ 11am
  5. Performance Dates WOOKIE CAST: Friday, July 14 @ 7pm & Sunday, July 16 @ 2pm
  6. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  7. Cost: $425

You must be available for all performances in order to register and receive a role in this class.

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