West Performing Arts | Santa Cruz, CA

Renaissance Revelry


Learn the skills and arts of the renaissance area while we create our very own Renaissance Faire! 

  1. Protect yourself from the plague with citrus. And find out how essential oils saved thousands of lives in Apothecary class.
  2. Create intricate braids woven throughout your hair
  3. Make floral wreath headbands or a Renaissance hat
  4. Dance traditional celtic dances around the maypole that you build.
  5. Try your hand at Knight Camp & make family crests, swords, scabbards and shields and how to use them.
  6. Learn and perform Shakespearean sonnets, scenes and insults!
  7. Make homemade mead and try the flavors of the food from the time period.

…and a whole lot more!

Note: If you are enrolled in Renaissance Revelry AND Comedy of Errors, you are required to sign up for supervised lunch if your child is staying on the WEST campus during the break between classes.

Enroll Now

  1. Grades: 2-8
  2. Time: 9am – 12pm
  3. Class Dates: July 31 – August 11, Monday – Friday
  4. Showcase: Saturday, August 12 at 1pm
  5. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  6. Cost: $375

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