Stories On Stage: Myths In Motion

Stories On Stage introduces students to the sequence of a play/story, vocal and physical control, and story creation incorporating music and movement. Students explore the vocabulary and fundamentals of theatre and performance. Each student is encouraged to express themselves with inspiration from popular children’s stories and authors. The theatrical experience is enhanced by the creation of scenery, costumes, props, masks, and more.

Move your body on stage and stretch your imagination around the world! This physical, ensemble theatre class encourages the actor as creator as we transform mythical stories from diverse cultural traditions into short ensemble pieces. Traversing from continent to continent, the connection of the imagination with the body is emphasized. Included art forms are modern movement, puppetry, scenic painting and physical theatre traditions. Our myths change each day as we travel to different countries and time periods! There is no showcase at the end of the week but each day is filled with memories of adventures to last a lifetime.

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  1. Grades: 1-3
  2. Time: 9am – 3pm
  3. Class Dates: July 3 – July 7 (no class July 4)
  4. Location: Garfield Park Community Church
  5. Cost: $275 for 4 days or $75 for each day individually

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