Playwriting: Avengers VS Justice League

Playwriting: Students create an original play using creative imagination to imagine their favorite heroes onstage together. Guided by the instructor, our mission is to identify and create the typical adventure of our favorite heroes and villains. Writers will need to be comfortable with writing or may bring a computer to type.  Dragon Speak software is recommended for students who have difficulty typing and writing. Students may be asked to complete writing assignments at home throughout the playwriting process. Playwrights watch their work come to life as the resulting play is offered as a production class .

Are you on team Superman or Iron Man? Do you think that the Hulk would win in a battle with the Flash? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Wonder Woman came up against Spiderman? Find out as we create our very own play using our favorite superheroes and villains as our cast of characters. What will happen when these two super-groups face off against one another? Will their battle result in chaos and destruction, or will the heroes find common ground and stand together?

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  1. Grades: 4-8
  2. Class Dates: June 11 – June 15, Monday-Friday
  3. Time: 9am – 12pm
  4. Location: Garfield Park Community Church
  5. Cost: $225


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