Original Production: Avengers VS. Justice League

PlayLabs are artistic experiments working with original or adapted stories. Together we re-imagine literature. Students explore story lines, characters, dialogue, and character movements to foster a deeper understanding of each theatrical element and the role it plays in a performance. Students are allowed the freedom of artistic expression and play an active role in the creative process. PlayLabs are enhanced by sets, lights, costumes and all the theatre magic we can create.

Using the original script created by the writers of the Playwriting class, during this one-week challenge we will bring this original play to the stage! Our comic book playwrights are in need of comic book actors to bring their vision to life. Are you on team Superman or Iron Man? What will happen when these two super-groups face off against one another? Will their battle result in chaos and destruction, or will the heroes find common ground and stand together? The answers lie in our yet unwritten script; bring your favorite superheroes to life onstage in this Marvel vs. DC extravaganza!

This class will rehearse Monday-Friday at the Garfield Park Community Church, and will relocate to the Broadway Playhouse on Saturday August 4th for dress rehearsal and show.

      1. Grades: 3-8

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        1. Class Dates: July 30 – August 3, Monday – Friday
        2. Time: 9am-4pm
        3. Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, August 4th from 1pm-5pm
        4. Performances: Saturday, August 4th at 7pm
        5. Rehearsal Location: Garfield Park Community Church
        6. Dress Rehearsal & Performance Location: The Broadway Playhouse
        7. Cost: $475

    You must be available for all performances in order to register and receive a role in this class.


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