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WEST School Programs

“Arts education is essential for building innovative thinkers who will be our nation’s leaders for tomorrow… Learning through the arts reinforces critical academic skills in reading, language arts and math…”         –First Lady Michelle Obama

The only literature-based theatre academy on the Peninsula, WEST changes lives by providing challenging, innovative, high-quality arts education to students of every cultural heritage, ability, and level of interest. Whether a single workshop or an extended residency involving multiple artists and disciplines, WEST programs stretch, challenge and enrich. Each workshop and residency can be tailored to accommodate your school site and enhance your core curriculum. WEST classes are a great opportunity to meet the state standards in theatre while immersing your students in an interactive classroom community.

Theatre Enrichment programs for schools. Click on any of the following to find our detailed information about the programs.

  1. Find out about School Residencies
  2. Find out about our After School Theatre Academy

“Bringing art to life and into the lives of young people”


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