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WEST IS MOVING… We have outgrown our studio

WEST is Moving! After 8 years in the Swift Street Courtyard, we will say goodbye to our Ingalls Street location this September and start a new grand adventure. While we are seeking our new home, all fall classes will be held at the Broadway Playhouse. We welcome your help in finding our next space to create. Please contact Terri Steinmann at terri@westperformingarts.com if you know of any possibilities. We hope for a building with ample parking and tall ceiling spaces at least 4,000 square feet. We are open to all areas of Santa Cruz County. Thank you to all who have filled our current West side studio with creativity, excitement and imagination.

Join us for a
Bon Bon Voyage Sweet Soiree

A dessert bar and evening of family entertainment by our fabulous WEST Students, Creative Team and Guest Artists
Say goodbye to our Swift Street Studio in style. All proceeds benefit the WEST scholarship fund.

  1. West End Studio Theatre
  2. 402 Ingalls Street in Santa Cruz
  3. Friday, August 22, 2014
  4. 6pm
  5. Tickets: $25
  6. Reserve Your Seat Now



Chaos at WEST: Dinosaurs Go Extinct &  Audiences Take Control Over The Show

 Dinosaur Prom Improv stages their final show, A Really Big Meteor: the Epoch-alypse!

Dinosaur Prom

All good things must come to an end — Dinosaur Prom Improv has been GREAT and their farewell performance guarantees the end of the improv world as we know it!  A Really Big Meteor: The Epoch-alypse will have the Dinosaurs on stage for the last time for one show only!  This incredible teen improv troupe has stormed the Santa Cruz improv scene and given a powerful voice to the next generation of improvisers! Come see, celebrate and cheer on the Dinosaurs before they go extinct!

A Really Big Meteor: the Epoch-alypse
Friday, May 16th
7:30pm Curtain
Broadway Playhouse
Tickets: $6
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Email tickets@westperformingarts.com

Live On Stage!  The most challenging WEST play to date…
Choose Your Own Adventure: Return To The Cave Of Time

YOU are the hero of the story! Edward Packard’s brilliant concept of letting the reader guide the story, springing individualized adventures to life – on stage.  Page to Stage Players co-create an adaptation of Return To The Cave Of Time, a Choose Your Own Adventure book. As the play progresses, the audience will determine the course of action. Page to Stage players have the acting challenge of a lifetime– to  instantly play out the multiple plots and scenarios called forth by the audience whims. Three performances – all drastically different and unique because they are created spontaneously by YOU.

Choose Your Own AdventureReturn To The Cave Of Time
Saturday, May 17th at 7pm
Sunday, May 18th at 1pm & 6pm
West End Studio Theatre
Tickets: $6 available at the door

Choose Your Own Advennture

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