Professional Development

Upcoming Workshops

WEST Creative Performing Arts is offering two-part Professional Development Workshop in Theatre Arts training for MPUSD elementary teachers.  You may elect to register for one or both of the sessions.  These workshops are open to all MPUSD elementary school teachers. Title 1 school staff will be compensated for their time thanks to grant support of this program.  MPUSD teachers not placed at a Title1 school are welcome to attend but time will not be compensated – but we certainly hope you will join us.
All workshops are INTERACTIVE and you will experience personal growth through THEATRE EXERCISES and PLAY!  The information is applicable to classrooms and in your personal life! Come ready to LEARN and HAVE FUN!
The Power of PLAY!: Using Theatre to support self-care & positive learning environments
Experiences in:
  • CREATING a safe environment for healthy learning and expression
  • COLLABORATION and POSITIVITY  through improvisation and brainstorming games
  • CONFIDENCE  taking risks and sharing your voice
  • SUPPORTING EVERYONE by strengthening individual and group dynamic
Date: Wednesday, May 22
Time: 2pm-5pm
Location: MLK Campus – Community Arts Wing Room B6 – 1713 Broadway Ave., Seaside
The Power of PLAY!: Creating vibrant learning through theatre arts integration*
Experiences in:
  • CREATING COMMUNITY  within your classroom with improvisation and ensemble games
  • DYNAMIC ENGAGEMENT through multi-sensory storytelling, active sequence and recall
  • SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE through character games
  • VOCABULARY brain-building exercises
  • INFLECTION, EMOTION and PERSPECTIVE to improve connections to text
  • RESPECT, TRUST,  COMPASSION and EMPATHY through arts-based learning activities
Date: Wednesday, May 29
Time: 2pm-5pm
Location: MLK Campus – Community Arts Wing Room B6 – 1713 Broadway Ave., Seaside
* This workshop will use specific examples and connections to the Benchmark Language Arts modules. Although developed for 2nd grade, the activities and discussions will include variations for grade level accommodations.