Main Street Elementary

Fall 2017 After School Theatre Program


vaudeville (vôdˈvĭlˌ, vōdˈ-, vôˈdə-)

  1. Stage entertainment offering a variety of short acts such as  slapstick turns, song-and-dance routines, and juggling performances.
  2. A light comic play that often includes songs, pantomime, and dances.

Original and Classical skits, monologues, one-act plays, songs, dances  — all of it. You-Want-It, We-Got-It.  Under the premise of producing a vaudeville show to dazzle the masses, our talented group of actors will explore their theatrical interests in Shakespeare, playwriting, clowning and more!  Learn lots of lines and test your memorization skills or develop a pantomime.  Anything goes. This is an incredibly fun and fast-paced theatre class that develops personal confidence and foundational tools for performance AND will deliver a one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life THEATRE EXTRAVAGANZA!
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  1. Day: Fridays
  2. Grades: 3-5
  3. Date: September 22 – December 15
  4. (No classes on holidays 11/10, 11/24)
  5. Performances:  Public Show Dec. 15 at 7pm;
  6.                          School Performance Dec. 18 Time TBA
  7. Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm (December 15 extended rehearsals until 3pm)
  8. Room Location: Main Street Elementary
  9. Cost: $275 One Time Payment or 3 monthly payments of $95

(there is a $5/month processing fee for all monthly payments)