On Stage: A Day In The Desert

WEST is pleased to present internationally acclaimed Casejam Production‘s latest play

A Day In The Desert

  1. poster lilPerformed by Jenine Collocott and Barbara Draeger
  2. Dramaturgy by Nick Warren
  3. With Direction by Vika Dahlberg-Hansen

Winner of a 2013 Encore Ovation Award Grahamstown National Arts Festival, South AfricaScreen shot 2015-01-20 at 8.25.26 PM

From one of the most dynamic and adventurous theatre making teams in South Africa, Jenine Collocott and Nick Warren comes collaboration with German actress and concert harpist Barbara Draeger. A Day In The Desert  revolves around two friends.  Fiona, is an upright, unadventurous citizen who is afraid to set foot beyond her front door. On this day, Andromeda, her extroverted adventurous friend persuades Fiona to join her on an adventure…More