Square 1 Improv Troupe

Welcome to Square 1 Improv returns for the second semester of fun, high comedy, brilliant brainstorming, and improvisational brilliance.  Continuing the momentum from the fall, Square 1 Troupe Improv focuses on improv techniques that will help you build richer characters, make stronger initiations, and raise the stakes of your scene work by making more dynamic choices. Every week will focus on a different Long-form technique. This semester, the Troupe leadership is guided by rotational instructors.

This class is closed to the public.  Only current Square 1 Troupe members may enroll.

  1. Grades: 7-12
  2. Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Thursdays
  3. Class Dates: February 25- June 3
  4. Location: Online Zoom Classes
  5. Instructor: Hunter Wallraff, Sam Sterbenz, Nikki Denton & Dylan Carpenter
  6. Class Limit: 8 students