HP Order of the Phoenix

 Students in the Advanced PLAY classes should be ready to work on script analysis and character homework between rehearsals and meet all off-book deadlines set by the instructor. Additional hours are required as listed and optional hours may be added if needed throughout the process.

HP Order of the PhoenixEnroll Now Harry Potter returns to his fifth year at Hogwarts. No one believes his story about Voldemort’s return and Cedric Diggory’s death. To make matters worse, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Dolores Umbridge, is the most horrible, awful teacher they’ve met. Using these unforgettable characters as inspiration, we create our own scenes, take Ordinary Wizard Level exams, and participate in all new, improved and even more fun Hogwarts classes and build our very own magical world.

  1. Ages: 11 – 18
  2. Time: 12 pm – 6 pm
  3. Class Dates: July 13-24; Monday-Friday
  4. Performance Dates: Friday, July 24 at 6:30 pm; Saturday, July 25 @1 pm
  5. Please hold Saturday evening July 25 and Sunday, July 26 for additional shows if the cast doubles.
  6. Location: Louden Nelson Community Center
  7. Cost: $725 (Choose One Time Payment or monthly payments. Fees are calculated by the total number of program hours).


  1. If you are registering for a class that results in performance, please make sure you are available for all performances.
  2. Every student enrolled in a WEST Summer 2020 class receives a commemorative t-shirt
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