Comedy Improv & Skits

GOT FUNNY? Good! This class encourages all things made up, outlandish and silly. The class will focus on short-form theatre games and scene work in the style of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Be creative…think on the spot…see the world in a completely unique way. Spontaneous play and ensemble work drive this course.

Enroll NowTry out your comedy skills in short scenes inspired by classic comedic greats like Monty Python and Abbott & Costello.  HIlarity will follow.

This class primarily focuses on short-form improvisation and sketch/short scene comedy.

Please note: The class is offered to a broad age group. Students are divided into two age groups with age-appropriate curricula.

  1. Ages:  6-11 and 12-18
  2. Class Dates:  June 8- 12
  3. Informal Showcase: Friday, June 12 at 11:45 am
  4. Time: 9 am – 12:30 pm
  5. Location: Osio Theater – 350 Alvarado in Monterey
  6. Cost: $225 (Choose one-time payment  monthly Instalments. Fees are based on total project hours) 
  1. If you are registering for a class that results in performance, please make sure you are available for all dates.
  2. Every student enrolled in a WEST Summer 2020 class receives a commemorative t-shirt.
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