IMPROV – Open Level

This class generates innovative ideas for conceptualizing improvised scene work and “finding the game of the scene.”  Ultimately the result is creating and performing long form improvisation structures.

Long form is a style of improvisation that bases its entertainment on very few and possibly a single “ask for” from the audience. It relies heavily on acting skills and  ensemble memory that can sustain improvised scenes for extended periods of time.

Combines short form and scene work. This class developed foundational tools for long-form improvisation.
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  1. Ages: 12-18
  2. Time:  6 pm – 7:30 pm
  3. Class Dates: Tuesdays, June 15 – August 4
  4. Location: Studio 119 at the Tannery Arts Center
  5. Cost:  $245 (Choose one-time payment or monthly installments. Class fees are calculated by total program hours).
  1. Every student enrolled in a WEST Summer 2020 class receives a commemorative t-shirt.
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