IMPROV: Theatrical L2

Theatrical Improvisation generates innovative ideas for conceptualizing improvised scene work and “finding the game of the scene.”  Ultimately the result is creating and performing long form improvisation structures.

Long form is a style of improvisation that bases its entertainment on very few and possibly a single “ask for” from the audience. It relies heavily on acting skills and  ensemble memory that can sustain improvised scenes for extended periods of time.

Level 2 focus: Initiation & Scenework (advanced techniques and dynamics)

  1. Strong initiations
  2. Establishing the fictional world through creation of a base reality
  3. Discovering and playing the 1% rule in character work
  4. Objective/Wants/Tactics
  5. Mirroring to define patterns of reaction and undefined leadership
  6. Feed: Intensifying and illustrating your partner’s choices.
  7. Recognizing patterns and finding “the game” within a scene
  8. Pimping: strategic placement and setting up for a partner’s success
  9. Emotional Change through listening, and transformation
  10. 2 & 3 person scenes
  11. Group scenes
  12. Prioritizing relationship
  13. Exploring the comic problems
  14. Pace of play: slow is fast
  15. Motivational context: Why these people, Why right here, why right now?
  16. Feedback: Giving and receiving without judgment


Enroll Now

  1. Grade: 8-12
  2. Time:  4:45pm – 6pm (75 min.)
  3. Class Dates: Fridays, October 19 – May 10*
  4. (No class: November 23, December 28, January 4 & April 5)
  5. Performances: February 9 at 7 pm and  Sunday, May 12 @ 6pm
  6. Location: Broadway Playhouse
  7. Cost: $85/month for 7 months

*Please note Level 2 is a year long class. Players move on to Level 3 (Invite Only) when players can demonstrate a mastery of the above skills. There is currently no Level 3 class offered.

Enrollment is ongoing for this class. A 30 day notice of dropping is required if your schedule or interest changes.