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It’s HERE…

The show must go on…WEST moves online

This year’s theme is create…INNOVATE!

Our creativity is certainly being tested in unexpected ways, but the WESTY actors continue to rise to the challenge, proving their resiliency, determination and their deep commitment to our creative community.

After a short re-set, the WEST Winter classes resumed online.  Improv groups adjusted to the new format and are exploring and living the “Yes, And…” principle each session. Inspired by Old Tyme Radio Show formats, the Stories on Stage, PlayLab, Advanced PLAY!, Page to Stage & WEST Ensemble Player classes quickly converted to audio recordings enhanced with music and sound effects.

What’s next…  MORE FUN!   Watch for our roll out of full online programming – from community engagement games and events to NEW classes in Sketch Comedy, Shakespeare & Screenwriting, your WEST Creative teams remains committed to finding new, flexible ways of staying connected….You just can’t stop creativity!